George Osbourne and Michael Howard
Old allies turned sour? Pictured: Chancellor George Osbourne and Former Leader of the Conservative Party Michael Howard

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne and Former Conservative Leader Michael Howard clashed today over Brexit.

Advocating that Britain should vote to leave the EU on the 23rd of June, Lord Howard launched a scathing attacked the Chancellor from the House of Lords on Tuesday where Howard referred to Osbourne as “small” and “without any significant muscle gain after four months of cardiac training”. Following muffled cheers from other Lords, a now over-excited Howard leapt into a three-hour long improvised rant on EU farming subsidies.

Leadership hopeful Osbourne was quick to respond with signature vitriol. “If Lord Howard has anything to say about me, he should say it to my face!” he shouted in the House of Commons on Wednesday to cheers from the backbenches.

When questioned outside his Oxfordshire home, Lord Howard said Osbourne’s jibes were “deeply hurtful”, later commenting that he “just wanted to go back to bed”.