The Rio Olympics mark the 4th anniversary of the London Olympics

The World Health Organisation has come under criticism for releasing a series of aggressive and cryptic comments in the wake of calls to postpone the Rio Olympics due to the Zika outbreak.

The organisation has stirred controversy after attacking supporters of the Summer Games in a rhetorical headline that suggests any and all opposition to the delay is both “futile and stupid”.

This comes despite claims that moving the games would “not significantly alter” the spread of the virus. A spokesperson from the International Olympic Committee who wishes to remain anonymous has said:

‘What the WHO fail to realise is that the “who” they are talking about is actually a fairly substantial portion of the population. It is an outrage that they have been given a platform to discuss this or my name isn’t Sebastian Coe.’

Lord Coe, a life peer in the House of Lords, intends to propose legislation that would “strip these fuckers of everything they own”, a statement that was met with murmurs of agreement from the Government benches.