Justice Minister and MP for West Haltemprice South, Michael Gove

Michael Gove has drawn criticism from campaigners for repeatedly mentioning the furry community in a live Q&A on Sky news.

Over the course of the hour long programme, the usually calm Justice Secretary made 46 open references to the furry community, 18 of which specifically referred to the act of “yiffing” (a term used to refer to cybersex between members).

When questioned by host Faisal Islam over the disputed £350M EU expenditure figure touted by the Vote Leave campaign, Mr Gove was quoted as saying the following:

“I’m perfectly happy to have that figure submitted to a full audit but the larger point is that not only do we simply not have control of that money but also I have never once engaged in any aspect of humanimal paraphilia”.

Taking questions from the audience, Mr Gove interrupted immigration-concerned pensioner Peter Lazenby to restate the fact that he has never put on a fursuit or drawn explicit pictures of anthropomorphic animals mutually masturbating.

According to floor manager Jane Parks, the audience was repeatedly stunned into silence at Gove’s manic insistence of his own bestial sexual chastity. According to Parks, when asked by the host why he was “doing all this”, Gove literally spluttered over the desk and began listing the tertiary characters from the 2016 Disney film “Zootropolis”.

In a decision that pro-Leave former Mayor Boris Johnson has described as “absolutely baffling and chronically stupid”, Gove’s closing statement of the evening persistently referenced the fetish website FurAffinity and called for tolerance and understanding of those who are sexually attracted to animal-human hybrids.

Although both Gove’s constituency office and CCHQ were unavailable for comment in the hours following the broadcast, pro-Brexit MP Iain Duncan-Smith is believed to have endorsed his comments in an exclusive interview with The Times, calling him “controversial and bold, but telling it how it is”.

Mr Duncan-Smith refused to rule out his own involvement in the furry community.