Benjamin Alborough

Brighton born, Leicester educated, London based, I have been a theatrical producer for coming up to a decade.

During this time, I’ve worked across almost every kind of production imaginable in almost every role imaginable; but it’s in Producing & Programming where I’ve set my heart.

I’ve been at the amazing RED Entertainment over the last 2 1/2 years, where I placed our catalogue of dozens of shows in over 400 of our regular venue partners. While at RED, I found over 1000 dates for different shows, including musicals and week-long plays, and reduced average routing mileage by 1000 miles for our regular 40-date tours.
I negotiate deals and have a great understanding of the dynamics of theatre negotiations, tour finances, effective publicity design for regional audiences and settlement processing. I insist on following Equity guidelines on tours, including maximum driving distance between shows.

Basically, all the boring stuff that distracts creative people from the actual show they’re putting on!

I’m also a producer in my own right, most recently producing the 5 star musical transfer THRILL ME: THE LEOPOLD AND LOEB STORY at Jermyn Street Theatre, where it was nominated for 6 Off West End Awards in addition to the 2 it previously won in 2020 when on at the Hope Theatre.

I have highly specialised knowledge about the industry and in going freelance my goal was to help people for whom these kind of business practices is a barrier to them bringing their work in front of audiences.

Please do reach out to me – my inbox is always open. 🙂