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Cardinal Sin was performed at Venue 18 from the 17th to the 23rd of August 2015. We drew in audiences ranging from 60 to 120, selling out on two occasions and received two 3*** reviews along with many highly positive audience reviews. For what it was, which was a first try at this sort of thing, we were happy with it.

One4Review – 3*** – Cardinal Sin
The Outlier – 3*** – Cardinal Sin

Selected Audience reviews:

Lovely 50 minute comedy murder mystery sprinkled with just the right amount of pure insanity. Jokes ranged from wordplay to physical comedy to slow burners, but all of them landed to make the show a laugh a minute.

A small negative thought is that the stage sometimes felt crowded, perhaps not helped by the venue being rather shallow, but also the same ideas in the script could easily have worked with less people.

On the whole though the acting was great and the script supported the talents of the cast very nicely, and at the low price of free it’s certainly worth checking out.

A great 50 minutes which flew by. The story line is bizarrely not one I have seen taken before, murder in the Vatican whatever next, and the writing is strong.

All of which permits this young cast to show real comedic and acting talent. The straight Cardinal Kris delivers a strong lead which allows the very un straight and downright funny to flourish. It successfully uses that old comedy skill that being normal in an otherwise madcap world is itself amusing.

Well played the whole cast, crew and lead actors. An excellent way to spend an afternoon at the Fringe.

The show, a murder mystery comedy set in the Vatican, was written by me, Callum Humphreys, Ben Crome, Thomas Chiverton and Ivo de Jager while I acted as script editor and director.

The style of humour, like Jeff & Oli, is very cartoonish and, although I’m very happy with all the performances, I feel like it could’ve worked better as a radio play.

Cardinal Sin
Directed by Benjamin Alborough
Written by Benjamin Alborough, Thomas Chiverton, Benjamin Crome, Ivo de Jager and Callum Humphreys.
Starring Charlie Collicutt, Gemma Kenny, Adam Unwin, Jamie Appleyard, Ed Kaye, Amelia Oliver, Pippa Abbott and Francesca Leone.