Hello! You’ll be delighted to know that this page is still a Work In Progress.

But, while it’s getting up and running – here are a few things that I’ve been involved in recently.

The Twelve Ronnies (Explaining the Joke pilot)

“Explaining the Joke” is the definitive oral truth behind Britain’s greatest comedies. Stories so legendary that they make the shows themselves look utterly mediocre. The facts that the BBC are too afraid to report and the listeners are too terrified to listen to.

“The Twelve Ronnies” is a 15 minute pilot explaining the well-trodden history of how the original dodecadouble act whittled their way down to the two members we know and love.

We only realised after making this that there was a Kevin Eldon project in the 90s with an identical name – but this is something quite different.

It got as far as Radio 4 before they very kindly said no and pointed us in other directions.

That Friend Who’s Stopped Drinking

A fun little sketch that I filmed recently with Kat Sadler and Christy Coysh.

More to come very soon…. I promise….