Hello. This is the worst formatted page yet.
I have done many things. Some of the things I am most proud of are as follows:

Most recently I received a script commission from Channel 4 developing a nautical sitcom called The Harbourmaster with my writing partner Adam Larter. It is in development with talent attached.

In 2020 I co-hosted an incredibly complicated democratised game of Crusader Kings 2 with Sean Morley where we tried to make the Pope a Bear. It’s been a wild ride.
If you’re feeling brave feel free to catch up on the 60+ hours of plot here.

I co-hosted Sean’s own “Morlvision” in 2021, playing Terry Wogan, a character who has completely spun out of my power to contain him.

I have also played Terry Wogan, a man who I have never seen perform or listened to, on stage at the Bloomsbury Theatre in 2019 in their annual pantomime. I have never once deliberately tried to book a gig as Terry Wogan but it just keeps happening.

I pitched a stupid and fun thing to Radio 4 in 2018 but they said no, which is fine because it was fun and stupid to do. Meet The Twelve Ronnies.

When I moved to London in 2017 I wrote some things with Succubus Magazine and good things are going on there to this day.

On top of this I have been writing and performing in my own comedy plays that have done quite well. Find them in the menu above, this poorly formatted page already has enough hyperlinks.

I also eat a a lot of MARZIPAN.