~Link to performance of show~

Jeff, Oli and the Homosexual Elephant in the Room was originally a one-off Proteus sketch starring Christopher McCann (Jeffrey) and Jordan Sutton (Oliver) that played on the 24th of October 2013. It was revived as a series of sketches for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014  with McCann reprising his role but Oliver now being played by Rory O’Sullivan. In the final, half hour incarnation, Jeffrey was played by Adam Unwin and Oliver by Will Bowers for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2015. It showed from the 6th to the 8th of February 2015 downstairs in Manhattan 34.

The humour is very silly, with influences from Harry & Paul, The Two Ronnies, Fry & Laurie and The Simpsons but I really tried to make it something original and distinct.
There isn’t really much of a plot, nor are there any distinct characters to speak of which is one of the problems I came across trying to extend a series of related sketches to half an hour – but on reflection, as bascally a skeleton framework on which to hang gags, I’m happy with the anarchic silliness that Will and Adam brought to the table here.