Live Stuff

I’ve done a lot of live shows. Some good, some very good, and one (not listed) awful.

My solo debut hour, Absolute Monopoly, is still touring before heading off to Assembly at Edinburgh this year.

Terry Wogan Screams, a bizarre high concept light entertainment experiment I’m doing with Sean Morley, is being filmed by GoFasterStripe in July.

I’ve done a lot of silly comedy plays over the years of which I am very proud. Cream Tea and Incest had a 3 week run at the Hope Theatre and, after a few Edinburgh visits, went to Poland. Ricky Riddlegang and the Riddle Gang, co-written with Harry Williams, went to lots of places over the UK before settling in at the Gilded Balloon that year.

I also do lots of foolish one-off things including Cabaret Impedimentas and Glang Shows which are hard to describe so I won’t. I perform with incredible comedy collectives like Weirdos, ACMS and Piñata and it makes my cheeks ruddy with joy (but this may be rosacea).

Ali Brice and I did a show at a festival where we attempted to carbonate things for an hour. It sold out. I do not understand this.

I do a very silly late night show called Midnight Brunch, and supported The Sleeping Trees on tour with a 30 minute version of it.