Ricky Riddlegang and the Riddle Gang was my followup to Cream Tea and Incest, a show with the same sensibilities and the same cardboardy props with a lot of the same people involved. A Scooby Doo parody, Riddlegang was co-written by Harry J Williams and ended up being a musical about Catholicism. The show was recorded in 360 degrees virtual reality.

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Join hip teen detective Ricky Riddlegang and his trusty Riddle Gang as they solve the mystery of the haunted manor and put the perpetrator to death. Spectres, suspects and shenanigans abound as the Gang delve into an enigma that threatens to devour them all… Uncle Eustace Riddlegang’s ancestral collection of clues and hints has gone missing. This makes tracking down the culprit difficult as it’s completely impossible to tell what clues and hints are relevant. But which of the one previously introduced characters could the culprit actually be?

★★★★ – Remote Goat
★★★★ – Binge Fringe
★★★★ – Broadway Baby
★★★★ – EdFringeReview
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Benjamin Alborough as Ricky Riddlegang
Tom Myles as Uncle Eustace/ Bobby Cluecrew/ Mr the Gardener/ Michael Caine
Lottie Davies as Frieda
Pippa Caddick as Aurora
Will Beynon as Johnny

Directed by Olivia Rose Deane
Movement Direction by Sophia Priolo
Written by Benjamin Alborough & Harry J Williams
Original music and Sound design by Matthew Farrugia
Stage Management by Emily Gleaves
Produced by Lauren King

9th, 10th & 11th May – New Wimbledon Theatre Studio
28th May – 2nd June – The Warren, Brighton Fringe
31st July – 25th August 2019 – Gilded Balloon Rose Basement (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)