Hello! This page is going to be a very brief writing CV. I will add to it as I remember things that I’ve done. This list is non-exhaustive and doesn’t include live and online work that I’ve collaborated/ written on.
I’m always happy to chat in more detail about projects privately.


The Harbourmaster – Adorable Media – Channel 4 – Script Commission, In development

Heroes of Sumwherr – BBC Studios – BBC Radio 4, in development

Explaining the Joke – Encouraging Productions – BBC Radio 4, in development


Weird Al Yankovic Keeps Changing His Tune (Chortle)

New Year, New Me (The Sunday Dreadful)

A Brief History of Admin (The Sunday Dreadful)

Et Tu, Mummy? (The Sunday Dreadful)

Editorial: The Brand (The Sunday Dreadful)

This Britcom Life (The Sunday Dreadful)

Irish woman celebrates St Patrick’s Day by banishing all the snakes from her Facebook friends list (Succubus Magazine)

Wow! These two straight white men recorded a podcast about films (Succubus Magazine)

Clever! Man doesn’t use specific names in his poems so he can recycle them for his next girlfriend (Succubus Magazine)

Study shows depth of adult male’s V-neck directly proportional to their misunderstanding of feminism (Succubus Magazine)

Husband planning to surprise wife with thoughtful gift from Virginia’s Circuit (Succubus Magazine)

Uh oh! These female characters are too strong (Succubus Magazine)

Erotic! Man takes off pants (Succubus Magazine)

Phwoar! Scientists say 50% of all people have breasts (Succubus Magazine)

“Age is just a number” says man who is too old (Succubus Magazine)

Adult human male takes no issue with being corrected on movie trivia (Succubus Magazine)


A Chradvent Carolendar
This was an experiment I did where I watched 24 adaptations of A Christmas Carol over Advent to finally determine which one is superior. It ended up totalling over 50,000 words.